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Earn Money from Finding Second Hand Vehicle Parts from a Salvage Yard

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Second hand spare parts are selling like hotcake especially to those who cannot spare some cash to buy brand new. Although these spare parts were already used by another car owner, we cannot deny the fact that these are better compared to spurious parts. Additionally, those who own old models have no choice but to settle for something used because most likely, brand new parts are already hard to find. Most manufacturers halt production of new car parts for models which were released 10 years ago or so.

Because of the aforementioned reasons, selling second hand vehicle parts can be a good source of income to many. If you have decided that it can be a great career for you, finding the best supplier of spare parts is a must. One good source is by checking out salvage yards. You can immediately see perfectly working parts as these were thoroughly assessed by reputable in-house mechanics to ensure that these deliver the best performance.

What is nice about transacting with salvage yards is that they can give you a huge list of scarce parts that were already discontinued as these can provide you the best revenue. You can visit us, New York City Auto Salvage & Glass for opportunities. We can guide you all throughout your journey so that you can earn from finding parts from our auto salvage yard.

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Purchase a Salvaged Vehicle for a Cheaper Option

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You’ve found the car that you have been dreaming off. Unfortunately, you do not have adequate budget to purchase it, especially a brand new. Okay, no need to feel bad about yourself because you cannot attain it. You can still get that dream car by purchasing a salvaged vehicle. But let me tell you, do not settle for something that has been salvaged because of hail, flood or accident. Get a salvaged vehicle that was stolen and was paid by the insurance company, and then recovered afterwards. Because of what it has gone through, the recovered vehicle is branded as “salvaged.”

A vehicle that acquired a salvage brand because of being stolen is certainly a golden piece. It is offered at a much cheaper price because of its situation, but its condition is still perfect enough to be used because no parts have been totally wrecked before it acquired its brand. You just need to thoroughly check with the police that the vehicle was really ex-stolen and not currently-stolen for legal purposes.

Now once you have purchased it, you can immediately ask the DMV for inspection. When the inspector had thoroughly assessed the condition of your vehicle, it can be rebranded to “REBUILT SALVAGE: NY” which will give you more benefits compared to having a salvage brand alone.

Check out New York City Auto Salvage & Glass for perfectly working salvaged vehicles offered at reasonable cost. Speak with our professionals by visiting our shop in order for you to be guided thoroughly about the aforementioned option.

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Can You Get Insurance from Your Salvaged Vehicle?

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If you have purchased a salvage vehicle in New York, you cannot legally drive your vehicle on any service road. You need to have it inspected by the Department of Motor Vehicle. The inspector will check the efficacy of your vehicle to ensure that it can be worthy enough to be used. When it has passed the inspection, from “salvage brand, they will change your vehicle’s brand to “REBUILT SALVAGE: NY.”

Now finding an insurance company that will allow your vehicle to be insured will be a very hard thing to do. Insurance companies will be skeptic about the idea because they are not guaranteed that the damage that they will have to pay for was not because of the very reason why your vehicle has been salvaged. What you can have the most from an insurance company is a comprehensive or collision policy which may be very expensive on your end.

Check out several insurance companies that can offer you a better deal in spite of having a salvaged vehicle. There’s always something out there that will be worth looking at, but you have to make sure that you check out all the probable insurance companies that can accept your salvaged vehicle.

You can also go ask a certified mechanic who can thoroughly check your vehicle’s roadworthiness and attest that your vehicle may acquire insurance. Some companies will honor such documentation from a trusted mechanic.

Check out New York City Auto Salvage & Glass for salvaged vehicles that can still be recovered and be used after thorough repair conducted by a reputable mechanic.

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Unauthorized Speed Contests – Exciting yet Risky!

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Unauthorized speed contest is an illegal activity all throughout USA. It is very unsafe, and punishable by law. A person who is found guilty of the crime will have to face penalties, fines, and can even put in jail that will leave permanent criminal record. Although it is really fun, if you want to really go on a race, do it legally. However, you have to keep in mind that it is very unsafe as you do not know what may transpire during the race. Your vehicle might not be road worthy; therefore, it could result to collision.

Most car wreckages are due to road accidents and these usually happen due to unauthorized speed contests. Here are New York Auto Salvage & Glass, a huge percentage of our salvaged vehicles are due to these incidents. Thus, we would like to remind everyone not to engage in such activity because mishaps may occur that may lead to death. It may be fun at first, but the disadvantages that these could bring overlap that exciting feeling.

For damaged vehicles due to unauthorized speed contest, you can bring it to our salvage yard. We provide comprehensive rates that your vehicle truly deserves. We always make sure that we do not rip someone just for the revenue because we know that although these vehicles are already junks; these still have values that should not be taken for granted.

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Savage Yards – Also for Artists!

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Did you know that a lot of artists visit salvage yards for the metal craps and other vehicle materials that can be used to create breathtaking arts? A lot of creative artists see a brighter view when they are visiting salvage yards because these give them the oomph feeling of knowing that they may be able to complete their projects through these old rusty vehicle parts. So if you think your totaled vehicle is already useless, it is not! Because one way or another, someone is going to make use of those damaged part not just to replace a faulty vehicle but also as a material for something that you have never expected to see.

Recycled art, a form of art that uses old materials, is not only pleasant in the eyes. It also helps save the environment. We all know how damaged vehicles affect the environment as the materials are not easily gone, thus, they remain as craps for quite some time. To provide solution to such problem, it is indeed good to be creative and come up with a good recycled art that you can place on your driveway or you can even sell for thousands of dollars!

If you are looking for materials for your next recycled art project, visit New York City Auto Savage & Glass. We will be very happy to assist.

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Finding the Right Auto Salvage Yard

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There are a lot of auto salvage yards all over USA that you can visit to see how much you can earn from your damaged vehicle. However, finding the right company is a crucial part. You have to thoroughly check several aspects in order for you to be guaranteed of the best services you deserve. Here are some tips in order for you to find the right auto salvage yard:

  1. Check the reputation. Always see the feedbacks coming from reliable sources, such as a friend who had his vehicle salvaged or a previous client. You can business listing sites that post reviews about a particular business such as Yellowpages, Thumbtack or Yelp.
  2. Speak with the staff. A good salvage yard should have skilled staff members who know how to handle prospective clients. A proper treatment can assure you with good service.
  3. Check several auto salvage yards. Do not settle for a single salvage yard right away. Ask quotations from several companies for you to assess as to which company can provide the best offer.

New York Auto Salvage & Yard has unsurpassable customer service as we value our clients’ concerns above anything else. Speak with us today so that we can formulate the best offer that will be beneficial to you. Visit us at 148-36, Liberty Ave, Jamaica, New York from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM for further assistance. You can also call us at (718) 297-9797 for additional information.

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