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What is the best way to junk your car?

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If you are wondering what to do with your junk car, get rid of it, don’t hesitate and sell it. One thing you should understand is that selling a junk car is not like selling a normally operating vehicle or truck. A junk car is old and dysfunctional meaning it has fewer options as compared to a regular operating vehicle. Therefore a junk car cannot make the same amount as a proper working vehicle.

When selling our junk car, we must ensure that we get the best price possible from it. One thing you should have in mind is that even the shabbiest junk car has raw materials and therefore any junk car is not worth nothing.

The determinants of the price are:

Weight- The weight of the junk car scrap metals and steel determine the price of the car. It’s important to note that the price of each metal varies as some metals are more valuable.

The demand for parts– If the car parts can be quickly sold, then you will receive a higher price. And if the demand is low, then you’ll get a lower price.

But to get top dollar from the junk, you should consider the following steps:

  • Sell the parts individually. Selling off the parts separately makes the junkyards jo easier and allows to recoup more of the car’s value.
  • Drain the fluids to avoid being charged by the junkyard.
  • Rather than having it towed for you, drive it yourself.
  • Mention everything including the rust and corrosion and broken parts. Honesty plays a significant role in pricing the junk car.

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Junk cars & late model wrecks wanted. No title no problem.

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If you have an unwanted or a wrecked car that is not in use and neither you nor anyone else is using it, and it happens that you can’t discover its title because you lost it, don’t panic. A car title is very relevant as it the only legal document that can prove you own a particular car. Losing your car’s title does not mean that you cannot sell your junk or wrecked car.

Many car junkers have the will to buy wrecked or junk cars without necessarily being provided with a title. You are only required to provide other documentation such as the state ID or driver’s license to prove that the car was your own and not a stolen one.

An additional advantage is that other dealers, who buy the late models, junk or wrecked have compliance specialists who ensure that the transactions are efficient and painless after notifying them that your registration or title is missing. They organize for duplication of titles from banks or state motor vehicle departments websites. They help in reducing the hectic processes of acquiring new titles for a junk car which has low value to you for that matter.

In a nutshell;

When you don’t have a registration title for a junk car,

i. Speak with the company, agent, dealer or the person who wants to buy and ask their buying process without a title.

ii. Follow the steps they outline and in case they cannot buy one without a title, then move on and contact the next company which includes licensing and registration in lieu of the title.

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Recovering from the winter, Spring Car Maintenance

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The snow melts away and we are about to wave goodbye with winter while saying hello to spring, planning to hit the road and enjoy the warmer weather. But, do you know that aside from road trips, spring is the perfect time to check your car’s component?  Take a look at this maintenance checklist that helps.


Inspect the Exterior

  • Check your winter tires and change it if needed. Cold weather usually cause tire fractions, bulges, and bald spots
  • Check the tire inflation as well as the tread for uneven wear.
  • Inspect the wiper blades as snow usually caused cracked, cut, torn and chattering.
  • Winter snow might damage the car paint, check for scratches and minor deformation and fix it (DYI)  if possible
  • Icy rocks often cause windshield cracks, inspect every corner and see if repair or replacement is needed.
  • Spring is a perfect time for auto detailing, wash it from top to bottom using proper products, and leave it with wax for a shiny effect.
  • Check all the exterior (even interior) lightning to avoid disastrous events this spring season
  • Give your car a thorough spring cleaning by using good products for detailing, wax it for a shiny effect


Inspect Elements under the Hood

  • A change of season equals a change of oil thus changing it every 3,000 miles or three months is mandatory.
  • Inspect under the hood’s component including oil leaks or fluid efficiency.
  • Winter weather can be unkind of the life and operation of a car battery, check every system like charging, starting and mechanical
  • Check hoses and belts to ensure that there’s no crack and breaks leaves unattended.
  • Check all the fluids including engine oil, brake and transmission fluids, windshield washer solvent, power steering fluids as well as antifreeze coolant


Inspect the Vehicle

  • Spring is the best time to inspect the entire brake system such as rotors, drums, and brake linings
  • Aware of the “brake check” light of the dashboard and be alarmed if the light turns on while driving
  • Inspect any fluid puddles or stain under the vehicle this might due to some leaks from the transmission, brake and windshield washer fluid. Or from engine, gasoline, gear oil and antifreeze/coolant leaks.
  • Check the car air condition by turning on the cooler reaching the maximum level and see if it chill in a short span of time.

Winter’s cold temperatures and icy condition could be hard on your car hence spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle into full inspection, make vehicle maintenance a priority this season to protect yourself and extend the life of your car. If you need mirrors and glasses or aftermarket parts give us a call at (718) 297-9797) or visit our website and rest assured that your queries will be promptly answered.

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6 reasons why girls want to drive

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It might be true that men tend to be more mechanically inclined and so they claimed that driving is a man’s thing. But, as the world evolves, a lot of women aspires to learn how to step on the accelerator, control the gear and follow the traffic lights. We bring 6 definitive reasons why girls want to drive and see if you can relate.


No. 1 Life becomes more convenient

For women learning or owning its first car is an achievement or a dream come true as they feel more convenient than calling a cab. Girls consider this factor favorable as they don’t need to mingle with strangers on the bus or that climbing the stairs of MRT wearing high heels and join the crowd during rush hours.


No. 2 Getting a new baby or something to care for

Naturally, girls are more sentimental or emotional and that explains the fact of giving its car’s name the moment they’ve got one. They often considered automobile as their baby, best friend and a long time partner. They often wash, dry and put some perfume on it and even cry when a car got bruises or scratches.

No. 3 Makes women feel euphoric

Some women will surely agree that owning and driving a car makes them feel euphoric. The excitement of being in control of the wheels is undeniably stronger, the act of driving is giving them an adrenaline that is hard to explain. In fact, girls feel more energetic every time they sit in in front of the steering wheel.


No. 4 Giving girls an opportunity to save time

When women know how to drive they have the power to manage more of its time. They can arrange schedules like meetings, picking up the kids at school, run an hour in the grocery and drive at home with all stuff set. In which they hardly do when they should wait for the train or catch for the next bus that will arrive.


No. 5 be your own boss

Girls often complained and tired of following their husband, brother or father being in controlled of the wheels. And giving you an opportunity to drive and have a full command of the road itinerary, following the routes and even choosing music to listen in a car stereo makes you feel like a boss. However, man or women have the same responsibility and that is to assure of bringing passenger safe to the destination.


No. 6 giving girls more freedom

One of the great reason why girls wanted to drive is that to acquire more freedom to wander anywhere with anyone at any time. Driving their own car make them more adventurous and have an active lifestyle. A weekend getaway, food trips and a long drive at night is fit for girls who just want to have fun with its car.


No. 7 A great skill to add

We know for a fact that driving is a skill wherein we can add it to our CV or use it as a form of making money or can be used in case of emergencies. A driver skill is useful to run some personal errands, pick up friends and families, and rush someone to the hospital and many another scenario.

Having said that owning and driving a car involves knowing vehicles maintenance and repairs. And we can’t deny that girls need assistance in terms or restorations, repairs, modification and even car detailing. For this matter, you can visit New York City Auto Salvage & Glass and we are ready to answer all your questions.

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Things You Shouldn’t Do When Driving an Automatic Car

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Automatic cars are no doubt one of the greatest inventions in the car industry. Driving an AT car seemed straightforward but there are bad habits that can obviously damage some parts of your vehicle, hence, here are tips that you should remember while on the road.


Engaging the “P” only when in complete stop

As we all know, “P” means park and this will only be used when your automobile comes to a complete stop. If you happen to shift “P” while still moving the locking pin could be damage and will cost you repair. The locking pin is a component that is inserted into the gear which is connected to the transmission output shaft and restrain the vehicle from moving forward or backward. Hence, if you place the gear stick into “P” while in motion, chances are the locking pin could be worn out and needs replacement.


Never put “neutral” at the stop lights

Some driver thinks that engaging in neutral at the stop lights or while stuck in the traffic can save fuel. But little did they know that this method can wear out your vehicle’s transmission. Putting your gearstick in neutral also gives you lesser control over your car in case any emergency maneuvers are required.


Do not engage in “neutral” gear while going downhill

An automatic engine is designed to be fuel efficient (in contrast with other people’s perception) even if the stick is in “D” gear. Shifting in neutral will automatically cut off the injectors and allowing only your wheels to power the engine, which makes you find hard to react in times of road difficulty that leads you and your passenger into pitfalls.


Refrain from switching gear without a complete stop

Do not make it a habit to switch gear when your vehicle is not in a complete stop because if you do, your automobile will pause but it will wear out the transmission band, also, you are now allowing your brakes to do the job and that added stress on the motor and mounts. Make sure you totally stop before going from drive to reverse or vice versa.


Never launch your car

Some driver used to revs the car while in neutral and then shift to drive to move off at a high speed. This practice is quite wrong as automatic transmission programmed to run at a different speed from the transmission and so if you force the vehicle to do so, this again will wreck the transmission band and clutches.


Today, modern cars are designed and programmed depending on its brand and manufacturers. It seems that the whole logic behind inventing an intelligent vehicle is to drive fun and efficient nonetheless, the tips mentioned in this article is your advantage that helps you keep safe and extend the life of your automatic vehicle.


If you are having car parts problems just dialed our auto experts at 718-297-9797 we are happy to assist you.


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