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Recovering from the winter, Spring Car Maintenance

Recovering from the winter, Spring Car Maintenance

The snow melts away and we are about to wave goodbye with winter while saying hello to spring, planning to hit the road and enjoy the warmer weather. But, do you know that aside from road trips, spring is the perfect time to check your car’s component?  Take a look at this maintenance checklist that helps.


Inspect the Exterior

  • Check your winter tires and change it if needed. Cold weather usually cause tire fractions, bulges, and bald spots
  • Check the tire inflation as well as the tread for uneven wear.
  • Inspect the wiper blades as snow usually caused cracked, cut, torn and chattering.
  • Winter snow might damage the car paint, check for scratches and minor deformation and fix it (DYI)  if possible
  • Icy rocks often cause windshield cracks, inspect every corner and see if repair or replacement is needed.
  • Spring is a perfect time for auto detailing, wash it from top to bottom using proper products, and leave it with wax for a shiny effect.
  • Check all the exterior (even interior) lightning to avoid disastrous events this spring season
  • Give your car a thorough spring cleaning by using good products for detailing, wax it for a shiny effect


Inspect Elements under the Hood

  • A change of season equals a change of oil thus changing it every 3,000 miles or three months is mandatory.
  • Inspect under the hood’s component including oil leaks or fluid efficiency.
  • Winter weather can be unkind of the life and operation of a car battery, check every system like charging, starting and mechanical
  • Check hoses and belts to ensure that there’s no crack and breaks leaves unattended.
  • Check all the fluids including engine oil, brake and transmission fluids, windshield washer solvent, power steering fluids as well as antifreeze coolant


Inspect the Vehicle

  • Spring is the best time to inspect the entire brake system such as rotors, drums, and brake linings
  • Aware of the “brake check” light of the dashboard and be alarmed if the light turns on while driving
  • Inspect any fluid puddles or stain under the vehicle this might due to some leaks from the transmission, brake and windshield washer fluid. Or from engine, gasoline, gear oil and antifreeze/coolant leaks.
  • Check the car air condition by turning on the cooler reaching the maximum level and see if it chill in a short span of time.

Winter’s cold temperatures and icy condition could be hard on your car hence spring is the perfect time to bring your vehicle into full inspection, make vehicle maintenance a priority this season to protect yourself and extend the life of your car. If you need mirrors and glasses or aftermarket parts give us a call at (718) 297-9797) or visit our website and rest assured that your queries will be promptly answered.