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Things You Shouldn’t Do When Driving an Automatic Car

Things You Shouldn’t Do When Driving an Automatic Car

Automatic cars are no doubt one of the greatest inventions in the car industry. Driving an AT car seemed straightforward but there are bad habits that can obviously damage some parts of your vehicle, hence, here are tips that you should remember while on the road.


Engaging the “P” only when in complete stop

As we all know, “P” means park and this will only be used when your automobile comes to a complete stop. If you happen to shift “P” while still moving the locking pin could be damage and will cost you repair. The locking pin is a component that is inserted into the gear which is connected to the transmission output shaft and restrain the vehicle from moving forward or backward. Hence, if you place the gear stick into “P” while in motion, chances are the locking pin could be worn out and needs replacement.


Never put “neutral” at the stop lights

Some driver thinks that engaging in neutral at the stop lights or while stuck in the traffic can save fuel. But little did they know that this method can wear out your vehicle’s transmission. Putting your gearstick in neutral also gives you lesser control over your car in case any emergency maneuvers are required.


Do not engage in “neutral” gear while going downhill

An automatic engine is designed to be fuel efficient (in contrast with other people’s perception) even if the stick is in “D” gear. Shifting in neutral will automatically cut off the injectors and allowing only your wheels to power the engine, which makes you find hard to react in times of road difficulty that leads you and your passenger into pitfalls.


Refrain from switching gear without a complete stop

Do not make it a habit to switch gear when your vehicle is not in a complete stop because if you do, your automobile will pause but it will wear out the transmission band, also, you are now allowing your brakes to do the job and that added stress on the motor and mounts. Make sure you totally stop before going from drive to reverse or vice versa.


Never launch your car

Some driver used to revs the car while in neutral and then shift to drive to move off at a high speed. This practice is quite wrong as automatic transmission programmed to run at a different speed from the transmission and so if you force the vehicle to do so, this again will wreck the transmission band and clutches.


Today, modern cars are designed and programmed depending on its brand and manufacturers. It seems that the whole logic behind inventing an intelligent vehicle is to drive fun and efficient nonetheless, the tips mentioned in this article is your advantage that helps you keep safe and extend the life of your automatic vehicle.


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