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Tips on Choosing the Right Color of Your Vehicle

Tips on Choosing the Right Color of Your Vehicle

Either buying or re-painting your car requires attention and more considerations, some people find it so difficult to decide which colors to choose from a wide variety of options. But, remember, you will be driving your vehicle for let’s say 4 to 7 years (or until you decide to sell or repaint it) so it doesn’t hurt to spend an extra time to figure out what color works best for you.

Which One Attracts You Most?

We all have our favorite choice of color it often represents with our gender or with our personality. However, this factor doesn’t apply when it comes to car color choice as you need to have some considerations like as follows.


Black is Beautiful

No, not all the time as choosing black for your car color means a lot of chores. Dirt and debris are easy to see on black paint. Nonetheless, black is a power color it is often observed from luxury cars and being ride by royalty and if this attracts you most, get ready to wash and buff your vehicle for at least once a week.


Shiny Silver

The metallic glow of silver shines bright with innovation. Silver is one of the best car color choices as it represents security and style. It is also associated with stainless steel that marked as high standard in any objects.


Innocent White

This color often suggests as it shows elegance a conservative shade that is attractive to people who wants purity. The downside of this color, however, is that it is inviting to onlookers or will probably prone to be ticketed for whatever reason. Also, an ironic reality exists that white color show dirt the easiest.


Confidently Blue

Blue is considered happy and practical color for many, it represents stability, serenity, and truthfulness. If you always feel confident then blue is suitable for you.


Smiley Yellow

Yellow exudes joy and a positive attitude, young ones often choose this color as this will fit with its sense of humor. If you are a happy go lucky guy then opt for yellow car paint.


Sporty Red

Red represents aggressiveness and that explains why some sports car chooses this type of color. A red car may also declare great status or just represents confidence and fun.


Planning for Car Repaint?

There are many other car colors (other than black, white, blue or red) available in the market, like green, orange or gold. But you can only choose one color when buying a new car but you always have an option of repainting it when it’s needed. If you do so, take a look at these tips that help.

  •    Study the safest color that will fit your personality or you may also consider one which relates to insurance payment. Safe color like white and silver got lower insurance premium while bright one like red or yellow belongs to higher premiums.
  •    Research popular paint color, make a list of it and hand it over towards car’s painter enthusiast for best advice
  •    Consider your car’s model, orange might be popular but it wouldn’t suit your conservative truck or sedan.
  •    Understand the pros and cons of that particular color. Remember that every shade requires appropriate coating like metallic must apply three stage paint.


Choosing your car color also involves both practical and personal matter, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your freedom to choose and have stunning vehicle shades. If you have concern beyond car colors you can call us at (718) 297- 9797 or visit our website for some car topics advice.