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Tips to Pet-Proof your Car

Tips to Pet-Proof your Car

Having pets especially dogs is a rewarding feeling. Many say that human can break your heart but dogs can break your seats, but not your heart. What if there will come a time that you need to bring your pet and give it a ride in your car? That your travel buddy has four legs instead of two. What are the things that you need to keep in mind?

Listed below are some of the things you needed to check and pay attention with so you won’t be embarrassed to give human a ride afterwards.


Invest Some Time Grooming Your Dog

If your dog is shedding, brush or comb your pup before leaving the house to keep excess hair out of your vehicle. To protect the car seats, you can take your dog to a pet groomer to trim the nails so it will lessen the chance to scratch the car leather seat. You can also use seat covers to protect the outside of your seat.


One Vehicle Intended for your Canine Buddy

Owning multiple cars? If yes, then use only one car if you are traveling with your canine buddy. You will save yourself from the tremendous cleaning and pay attention to just one car.


Keep your pets in one area

You can use a crate, seat-belt harness or just keep your dog in the back area of your vehicle, containing your pup in a smaller area means less mess and hair to clean later.


Save your Seats

Leather is a big no, no when you have a pet whose toenails are similar to a witch! They will scratch and destroy it even before you know it. You can use a blanket or an old sheet to cover up. In that way, you only not protect your seats but also you can easily collect the hair or furs with you.


Use T-shirts for Heavy Shedders

Lightweight t-shirt is your saviour here if your pup is a heavy shredder. Let them wear one.  Tie the loose part in their belly to secure it. Yes, I know you are thinking that it cannot contain all the hair but it is way better than none, right?


Prepare a handy dandy cleaning kit

Bring with you the following in case you needed them: paper towels or tissue, wipes, dog brush, plastic bags, tweezers or anything you can use to remove ticks, a spare small bottle with soap and water for the ticks, and of course, dog treats (for reward). Oh, don’t forget to bring a bottle of water for rinsing.Just like you have a human baby with you? I know right!


Clean the area right away (Clean your pet, too!)

Once your pet leaves the car, it is advisable to clean as prompt as possible. Shake off the extra blanket on your seats outside of your car to remove the initial hair. Also, rinse your dog’s feet or wipe the excess dirt before letting them enter your car again to minimize the dust and dirt.


Yes! You can take your furbaby for a joy ride and adventures without your vehicle becoming a stinky, muddy furmobile. With a little planning plus equipped with your cleaning kit, you’ll always be ready for the worst. Then, by taking just a few minutes to clean your car when you return home, your vehicle can still be a pristine, sweet-smelling ride for your next journey out on the town.