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Most Common Engine Problems

Most Common Engine Problems

As an engine acquires mileage, the likelihood of having engine problem also increases.
Oftentimes no matter how old the engine is it will not function as well as the new ones. In addition, the make and the model as well doesn’t affect the effectiveness of the engine. It is all about the mileage if the car run for more than 150 000 miles or equivalent to 250 000 Km, it is not considered a good car. In this article, here are some common engine problems to look for.

Overheating engine

Most of the modern cars that we are using nowadays has temperature gauges that measures the level of how hot the engine is. Coolant level may affect the car’s temperature a low coolant level can cause the engine to overheat so does low water level from the radiator.
If you see a warning light indicating increased temperature from your engine, have a stop, check your water or coolant level but be careful, as the high pressure may burst and cause burn injuries. Overheating can cause expensive engine repairs but you see, maintaining the coolant and water level is the simplest way to prevent engine overheating. Furthermore, leaking or busted gasket heads may also cause overheating. Another indication of overheating is coolant lose or white cloudy smoke exiting from the hood. When you see these, have a pit stop.

Engine is not starting.

Another problem commonly encountered by drivers is a dead engine or a non-starting engine. It may be caused of two main problems. If you click your key and nothing happens in the engine start the reason is a flat battery. On the other hand, if the engine starts but not continuing and eventually dies, the problem is the fuel or the ignition. Furthermore, a dead engine may also be the reason of corroded battery cables, starter motor fuel delay, clogged fuel filter, or ignition switch failure. These problems may be prevented through routine check-up so be sure to check the inside of your car regularly.

Service Engine Light

Our cars now are smarter than we think. Now, most modern cars detect malfunctions and has sensors that troubleshoots problems. Whether its low fluid levels, emissions, or powertrains it does the job. It alerts the drivers for future repairs. Aside from that it also may indicate low compression or compressed air levels, faulty electrical issues, or missing gas caps. Just make sure when you see the warning have a thorough look about it.

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