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Junk Your Car in Queens – Clean up and fund your bank roll

Junk Your Car in Queens – Clean up and fund your bank roll

The holidays are just months away, and there’s never been a better time to clean up your yard in anticipation of having guests over for holidays. It’s also a great time of year to start purchasing gifts to stash away for Christmas so you aren’t strapped during the holiday season. If your budget is tight now, it probably won’t be any easier to squeeze money out of your budget in the months to come. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little cushion? One of the best ways to make money to build up a little nest egg for a special occasion is to sell something you don’t need or don’t want.

If you’ve got a junk car cluttering your garage, parking space or on your lawn, now would be the time to get it out of the way. Not only will you clean up your yard and make your home or apartment building look more presentable, you’ll also make a quick buck that you can stash or use to buy the holiday supplies and gifts you’ll need later on.

New York City Auto Salvage and Glass are home to three locations to serving all of New York City. If you’re looking to Junk Your Car in Queens or any other borough, call to schedule an estimate, inspection or pickup. We can even help you if you don’t have any paperwork on the vehicle, so long as your clunker is over eight years in age. We can hook up, give you top dollar paid in cash and be on our way.

Contact NYC Auto Salvage and Glass at 718-297-9797 today to get the cash you need for your car and help you fund your holiday spending nest egg. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!