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How Much is Your Junk Car in Queens Worth?

How Much is Your Junk Car in Queens Worth?

If you’ve got a junk car laying around Queens, you’ve probably considered selling it to a salvage yard. After all, clunkers don’t do owners any good and they tend to make neighbors irate after sitting in the same spot for a while. In order to get top dollar for your clunker, it’s important to get quotes from several providers and to understand salvage rating systems.

Clunkers are rated on their condition and the price reflects the vehicle’s overall score. If the car is completely immobile and the motor just won’t turn over, you will most likely be offered a fair but base price. If the car’s motor turns over but won’t start, the price will be a little better.

Cars that are completely dead are basically stripped of anything good and the remains are recycled. Cars that run, even if they are rough, garner good prices because they can be restored by New York City Auto Salvage and Glass and resold at used car lots. Classic cars and rare vehicles garner even better prices!

The most important factor for selling junk cars for a great price is the condition of the engine.  Engine repairs that are easy to make, inexpensive and quick should be made before we get the vehicle if you want the highest price. However, we are happy to tow away cars that won’t run and give you top dollar paid in cash.

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