We Pay You What Your Junk Car Is Worth!!

We Buy Junk Cars Flooded Out By Huricane Irene In NYC And Li

We Buy Junk Cars Flooded Out By Huricane Irene In NYC And Li

Junk your flooded car or truck for cash. If you were one of the more unfortunate people who lost stuff due hurricane Irene and the floods that hit LI and NYC, Our pryers are with you and your family during this tough time of rebuilding.

We know that a lot of older cars got flooded out during hurricane Irene and most are not covered under insurance.


Call NYC Auto Salvage To Junk Your Flooded Car 718-297-9797


NYC Auto Salvage will buy your Junk cars from you for cash, we can also pick it up for free at no charge to you.  So if you have a car that has been effected by the storm or just any Car For Cash you may want to sell. Speak to Vinny to make arrangements to pick up your junk car for cash in you pocket.

Hurricane Irene NYC

We can also Replace your car windows and windshields that were broken during hurricane Irene 1 (718)-297-9797


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