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Tips to Determine if Your Car Should be Replaced or Repair

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Generally, the average of car’s life calculation is about 8 to 10 years or 150.000 to 200.000 miles, if you pass it through most often than not, you will encounter some mechanical or other related troubles. Now, replaced or repair? This common question usually occurs in mind most likely if you feel like your vehicle’s condition is unstable, and it is very difficult to decide especially if you consider your auto as a jewel or if it has a sentimental value.

Consider the following facts that can help you determine if you should let go of your car or just opt to restoration.


Repair might be your first option but does it fit with the situation? Can you meet the following expenses?

  • Engine and cylinder damage is one thing that you never want to show up as it has an estimated cost of $6, 000 to $10,000  
  • Replacing your car battery is a no cheap action you have to raise $6,000 out of your pocket
  • One of the complicated issues is when you have a transmission problem if you experienced gear slipping and burning smell (when driving) then prepare your $4,000 for repair
  • Suspension overhaul (comprised of shocks, control arms, and spring)  might give you a headache as it cost $3,000 to $5,000 in order to bring it back into shape
  • Important car part is the camshaft and when it is broken repair cost could be $2,000 or more
  • Head gasket maybe cheap but the labor cost when you are aiming to replace it is around $ 1,500


Replace would be your second thought considering that it will surely cost a lot in a one time (unless, installment) payment. Are you ready for these?

  • Brand new car is, of course, expensive depending on what brand or car type you wish to have. Cheapest car price varies from $12,995 to $17, 651
  • You need to pay your car insurance, which most likely around $1, 905 you can have a bit cheaper (or higher) it depends upon the rate given by your chosen insurance agency
  • Registration and licensing fees might be affordable on your end, but don’t forget that it is part of your expenses

Finally, the moment to decide has arrived, run the numbers and compare the repair cost and the amount you are going to pay when you opt to replace your car. Which side suits you best? If you still uncertain with your decision let me ease up your troubles, dial (718) 297 9797 and we will help you check your old car and give advice.

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It’s all about Tires… Maintenance and Proper Care

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We all know that tires are one of the most “should be well taken care of” parts of a car. Not only it will save your life in the road and provide you a better ride but also will save your pocket with future major expenses.

Here are the reasons why you should (if you haven’t done so) pay attention in taking care of your car’s tire:

  1. It will help you save money
    Regular maintenance, rotation, inspection and alignment can help you save money. These activities can extend the life of your tires allowing you to not buy often. Also, checking the tire’s pressure is essential. Do you know that under inflated tire wear out faster? On the other hand, overinflated tire has a tendency to blow out easily.
  2. It will help you save money on fuel
    Proper inflation pressure is a must. When your tire is under inflated, your car is using excess fuel. Not only that. Since under inflated tires have higher rolling resistance, your engine needs to double work to move your vehicle.
  3. It ensures safety
    Who would have wanted to get engaged in a car accident? No one but it actually happens, right? And the common reasons are poor tire tread, exceeding the load capacity and not being aware of your car tires condition. As a tip, don’t be shy to use your spare tire especially if you notice that something is wrong with one of your tires.

So the good question now is, “How to take care of your tires?”
It’s simple and easy. RMA or the Rubber Manufacturers Association advises you to remember this: “Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART (Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, Tread)”.

  • Pressure – As mentioned a while ago, proper inflation pressure is a must. It should not be under or overinflated.
  • Alignment – Have a tire dealer check your tire to see if your car is properly aligned.
  • Rotation – It is the process of removing your tires and move to a different position. The reason for this is to make sure that tires wear evenly so they can last longer. Unless specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, rotation should be done approximately 5000-8000 miles.
  • Tread – One way to see if your tire tread is healthy is by using a penny. Simply insert the penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. Now, if you can see all Lincoln’s head, then you should replace your tire immediately.

We had a saying that prevention is better than cure or better be safe than sorry and those apply here. Why take the risk of having a ride with a poor tire if you can replace it in the first place? If you worry about the expenses, you really don’t need to buy a new tire. You can also consider salvage yards. Just like with us, we have different types of wheels just right for your car. And we guarantee you that they are safe and sound to use. If you wanted to check for yourself, drop us by. We are conveniently located in Jamaica and Queens. We also have cheap used auto parts, just in case you needed one. So, see yah!

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We Buy Junk Cars In Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and SI

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If you are looking to sell junk cars we are looking to buy junk cars. We can send a Tow truck to pick up your junk cars in NJ, Brooklyn, Queens and NYC. We pay top dollar  500.00 and up on Junk Cars and supply the transportation.

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