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6 Things to do Before You Let Go of Your Car

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It is a fact that nothing lasts forever and sadly, so is our cars. No matter how we care for them, that time will come that we need to let go of it whether we want to buy a new one, emergency financial need, or we just want sell it. Here on this article are 7 things to consider when you decide to sell it.

  1. Organized paper works such as registrations, bills and etc.

Make sure that the paper works such as mentioned above are ready. When you want to sell your car, it is an essential part of the transaction when transferring the deeds to the new owner. A registered car is more likely to be sold easier so if your car is registered up to date, your car is easy to sell.


  1. Inspection and Road worthiness of your car.

You may not know your potential buyer personally and for that it’s your responsibility as the seller to ensure the safety of the car you are selling. Engine, brakes, tires, chassis, interiors, lights, and clutch are inspected and it is recommended to be done by a shop for reassurance. On the other hand, if it’s not drivable, there are salvage yards like us New York City Auto Salvage and Glass who are paying cash for junk or cars to be wrecked. You can consider that as an alternative.


  1. Make it more profitable, return your car to stock.

When you have the chance to modify your car, for example, aftermarket mag wheels, stereos, seats, or suspension, you can make the most of your car if you return it to stock. Sell your car separately from the aftermarket parts you installed. The same way you will do with the parts, sell them separately and you will make more profit with your car.


  1. First impressions last.

Make your car presentable. After we make sure the safety of our car, we have to ensure that it is clean and looking at its best. We can put in in a car wash, put some wax and tire black, clean the dashboard, if your car smells old, you can put some air freshener and wash the upholstery to make it smell better. A fresh looking car is the one that meets the eye.


  1. Publicity is another key.

Advertise and post your car for sale in classified ads, social media and word by mouth to sell your car. Make the use of the web by advertising to reach more people. The more people you reach, the easier it is to sell.


  1. Just be honest.

Tell the history of your car, if there is something wrong in the car during the sale then tell it. If it got involved in an accident relate it or whether its flooded. It is always best to be honest. In the end you will have no regrets.


Then there you have it the 6 simple ways to do when you decide to let go of your car. If you need some parts to repair your car, why not go to New York City Auto Salvage and Glass. Just contact us at (718) 297-9797). We are happy to serve you.


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It’s all about Tires… Maintenance and Proper Care

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We all know that tires are one of the most “should be well taken care of” parts of a car. Not only it will save your life in the road and provide you a better ride but also will save your pocket with future major expenses.

Here are the reasons why you should (if you haven’t done so) pay attention in taking care of your car’s tire:

  1. It will help you save money
    Regular maintenance, rotation, inspection and alignment can help you save money. These activities can extend the life of your tires allowing you to not buy often. Also, checking the tire’s pressure is essential. Do you know that under inflated tire wear out faster? On the other hand, overinflated tire has a tendency to blow out easily.
  2. It will help you save money on fuel
    Proper inflation pressure is a must. When your tire is under inflated, your car is using excess fuel. Not only that. Since under inflated tires have higher rolling resistance, your engine needs to double work to move your vehicle.
  3. It ensures safety
    Who would have wanted to get engaged in a car accident? No one but it actually happens, right? And the common reasons are poor tire tread, exceeding the load capacity and not being aware of your car tires condition. As a tip, don’t be shy to use your spare tire especially if you notice that something is wrong with one of your tires.

So the good question now is, “How to take care of your tires?”
It’s simple and easy. RMA or the Rubber Manufacturers Association advises you to remember this: “Be Tire Smart – Play Your PART (Pressure, Alignment, Rotation, Tread)”.

  • Pressure – As mentioned a while ago, proper inflation pressure is a must. It should not be under or overinflated.
  • Alignment – Have a tire dealer check your tire to see if your car is properly aligned.
  • Rotation – It is the process of removing your tires and move to a different position. The reason for this is to make sure that tires wear evenly so they can last longer. Unless specified in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, rotation should be done approximately 5000-8000 miles.
  • Tread – One way to see if your tire tread is healthy is by using a penny. Simply insert the penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you. Now, if you can see all Lincoln’s head, then you should replace your tire immediately.

We had a saying that prevention is better than cure or better be safe than sorry and those apply here. Why take the risk of having a ride with a poor tire if you can replace it in the first place? If you worry about the expenses, you really don’t need to buy a new tire. You can also consider salvage yards. Just like with us, we have different types of wheels just right for your car. And we guarantee you that they are safe and sound to use. If you wanted to check for yourself, drop us by. We are conveniently located in Jamaica and Queens. We also have cheap used auto parts, just in case you needed one. So, see yah!

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When to Change your Car Tires?

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Tire is one of the most essential parts of a car. It is better to have to check to ensure safety. Why?

According to N.H.T.S.A, about 200 fatalities are caused by tires failure. Yes! So why wait to be in this 200 list when you can avoid it in the first place. Here are some tips that will help you decide if it is the right time to replace your car tire and shop for new.

    1. Check if the tread is down to 1/16th of an inch (1.6mm).
      If this is the case, the tire is no longer safe. You might encounter hydroplaning on wet roads and cause brake control issues.
    2. Check the tread using the “penny test”.
      Your buddy here is right there in your pocket. Take a penny and face Lincoln towards you then flip upside down. Now place it in center of the tread and observe the following:

      • If the very top of Lincoln’s head is showing or the copper above it, do not think twice and replace your tires immediately.
      • If Lincoln’s hair on top of his head is halfway seen, you better consider shopping for new tires.
      • If the hair on of top of his head is not showing; given that it is inserted deeply, then congratulations! Your tires are healthy as a bull!
    3. Use a tread depth indicator or gauge to measure your tire’s head.
    4. Let your take their retirement age. The minimum replacement time that is recommended by the N. H.T.S. A is six years and 10 years as the maximum.
    5. Be observant of dry rot. Little cracks in your tire are signs of damage. It means that the rubber is breaking down. Have it check or consider replacing it.

Make it a habit of checking your tires for a safe ride. As the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry.” But if you find buying new ones a pain in your pocket, you can still consider buying at salvage yard.

We at New York City Auto Salvage and Glass, we have varieties of used tires in good condition to fit your needs and budget. In addition, we also have cheap used auto parts for all your other needs. Cool, right?

Interested? Give us a call at (718) 297-9797 or visit us in Jamaica or Queens. We are pleased to serve


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When is the Best Time to Junk your Vehicle?

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Junking your vehicle could be a very hard decision. It could be your very first vehicle and you have gone through a lot with it. However, it is a decision that you will eventually have to do especially if it is already unwise to keep it. So, when is really the right time to junk that old vehicle sitting on your garage?
One, if it is already too expensive to have it repaired. Sometimes, it is wiser to just buy a new vehicle rather than having that old car repaired because it will cost you a lot of money that it feels like you have already bought a new one. When you repair it, you are not even sure if it will work once again. It could even impose harm in case one part breaks down while you are driving.

Second, if your vehicle has been sitting on your garage for years, we hope you understand that you have to let it go. Rust and bacteria infesting your vehicle could impose severe harm to your household, so it would be best if you will just have a salvage yard get your vehicle so that it could be appropriately disposed.
You’ll earn money from selling your old vehicle. New York City Auto Salvage & Glass buys vehicles no matter what the condition is. Rest assured that you will be properly compensated. We offer the best price here in New York City so come visit us today!

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Make Your New Year’s Eve Festivities Sparkle When You Junk Your Car for Cash in Queens

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New Year’s Eve is one of the most spectacular and anticipated times of year, particularly for people in and around the Manhattan area. For many people, New Year’s Eve is their favorite time to celebrate with friends, family and loved ones, while enjoying the finer things in life, like luxurious dinners, champagne and limousine rides.

Unfortunately, the ability to have a great New Year’s Eve may be a bit out of your reach financially, but rather than stay at home this year, why not earn the extra cash you need for an amazing night out, simply by junking your car in Queens?

That’s right—if you have an old car lying around, getting cash in your hand is as simple as calling us.

New York City Auto Salvage and Glass is home to three locations to serving all of New York City. If you’re looking to Junk Your Car in Queens or any other borough, call to schedule an estimate, inspection or pickup. We can even help you if you don’t have any paperwork on the vehicle, so long as your clunker is over eight years old.

We’re an established professional service that helps you realize the value of that car you’ve had sitting around forever.

Contact New York City Auto Salvage and Glass at 718-297-9797 today to get the cash you need for your car and help you have an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Don’t forget to like New York City Auto Salvage and Glass on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for company updates, special offers and information.


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